Tuesday, August 30, 2011

He Emailed back:)

But i have to tread like really carefully...:)

Oh why cudnt i and his egos were out of the picture and we only had love to guide us... but nahi... Ego ke hotey huey love ki chal sekti hai...:)

And can we ever let our egos down... even for our loved ones... nope... so then enjoy the pains, and sufferings, and name callings, and blames, and i hate u, and u dont deserve me... and bla blas...

Cuz u asked for them more then the haapy sweet ones... no matter wat u do, since i dont have anyother home or place... nor want one... i will stick by u... and keep loving u... whether i make u happy or not... cuz its not been easy for me either...:)



  1. So did everything go okay? Are you two working things out?

  2. hmmm....at the end things always worked out....somehow...believe me.


  3. what happened??????????
    what did he say?????

  4. all da best dear..update us with good news soon:)

  5. Ego always kills a relationship...Sometimes compromise is the solution... Btw I have replied to your comment on my post-

    I hope my answer helps you out! Take care love :)