Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Listen to yourself!!!

Don’t phrase problems in negative. Don’t say I am sad. Instead, say “I need cheering up”.

Lot of us know what we don’t want / like and are always worrying and talking about it to ourselves and others. Our focus thus only stays on what we don’t have, don’t want , don’t like or can’t stand – i.e. The Problem.

However when we focus our attentions on what we want (SOLUTION)our mind is better able to work towards finding one that will produce the result we desire.

It will guide us through its acquired knowledge what we can do about the problem at hand. Also the same statement when said to someone will help him know what needs to be done.

By just saying “I am sad”, though we let ourselves and the other person know something is wrong but it may not give us or him a clue what can be done to rectify the problem.
Focusing this way on the problem and on the negative will only produce a negative outcome, why?

Ill show you why.

Instruct your mind this way “Do not think of a pink elephant”

What do u see in your mind. A big giant Pink elephant right?

But u instructed your mind to not think it. Even then it did exactly what u didn’t wanted.
That’s how the mind works.

If you want your mind to avoid doing something you give it instead what u want it to do. because it never stops doing anything it keeps doing something. If you won’t give it what you want it will do what it canJ but it will keep working nonstop.

So if you don’t want it to think about your best bet is to give it something you want it to think may be an orange instead. Now when you’ll say think orange I bet pink elephant will be out of the picture.

Phrases like “Don’t be shy/ nervous” at the start of an important performance will only heighten those feelings in you as your mind start conceiving what they are. So when next time you need that extra shot of confidence INSTRUCT your mind in positive by saying “ be confident , be calm be relaxed, be courageous , enjoy the moment “and let all the pictures and references come to your mind that shows what the words mean to you to ensure your mind helps you in achieving your desired goal.

Let your mind serve you best
Happy Journey!
(june 16, 2009)

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