Saturday, July 30, 2016

What people don't know about Iraq!

My fascination for this country is spiritual. It is the land of my beloved Imam, who was martyred brutally along with his family on the soils of Kerbala. 
But Iraq as a country has been a taboo for many. With USA trying to control and occupy the land to further its own interests, and the rest looking at its barren landscape, with poverty-stricken people and kids having the bare minimum to survive, you have to be able to go beyond that ugly face that you see to learn what this country has been all about. 
"Kerbala" is a word made with conjoining two words literally: Karb and Bala, pain and perils. Who gave this land this word? Who names a land really? In the case of America, it was Christopher Columbus. But in the case of Kerbala, it was no human who named it after accidently discovering it. The name for this land had come the very moment this land was conceived and born.
And that is the real reason for this country and city to be. 
The city if you look deeply is a trailer of the reality of this world.  I am not someone who isn't ready and invested in working for the construction of this world and for its sustenance and growth. But as a person of faith, I know this world was conceived with an expiry date. What's once beautiful full of life like me and you, will one day become lifeless and turned into dust. The land thus serves as a reminder to always remember it is not worth trying to live forever, succeed forever and gather forever. Because this world has no forever.
But as the people continue despising this land, fearing for it to be a zone of danger to humanity, the more this city and its terror will continue affecting the world negatively.
I would urge anyone who wants to experience the truth for their own self to visit this land. Let its streets and monuments and history help you reinvent yourself in a more holistic way. 
Everything in our world is connected to every other thing. If you try to harm one thing, it's impossible to keep the rest of the things unharmed. So those who think they can grow in isolation, no one is more blind in their heads, heart, and minds, than them to think that it is a possibility even for a second let alone the eternity they are hoping to remain in this world.
Before hating anything about this world or anyone, take the time to understand and know what makes them that. And before trying to destroy a nation a country, know that it's a law of nature : "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction".
(The article is my  beliefs, thoughts and opinions. Reader has the discretion to take or leave anything they wish to.)