Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pray for Him! Pray for me!

This is a picture of my Maula, our spiritual leader, for me he is my lifeline, my savior, my protector and provider!

And kissing him is, his son, who has been pronounced as his successor recently.

Maula isnha Allah will be Going to Kerbala, just after Eid, and i want to be there to have the grace of see him, meet him once again...

Please pray that i get this wish true...

Also please pray that he gets better and healthier, for i know he is going to live yet...

We celebrated his 100 birthday this yr, and i hope to celebrate many more, since he is my lifeline, and i want him to be alive for me and for all thsoe crazy bunch of ppl who cannot think to have this world empty of him...

He thinks since he has left a successor he can die at peace, but little he knows, we are still not over with him, for i still want him, need him, will only ask from him, and wud only listen to him...I love Him:(

Please say, Masha Allah!, and that any evil keeps away from him... and may his all pains get transferred to me instead... all of them...

you know wats the best thing in this world for me... when he smiles :)... and wats the saddest, most painful thing, when i see him cry...:( and wat i fear the most, that i will be asked to part with him one day! or that i or anyone do something that will hurt him... and wat i imagined all my life doing, since i was a kid is, protecting him from anyone who wud come to harm him, I am his knight:) and he is my!

Love you Maula to death!


  1. Insha Allah he will get better!

  2. Insha Allah he will get better soon and be with you for a long long time!

  3. Insya Allah.everything will be alright ;):)

  4. I hope his shadow remains over you, forever. ♥