Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Love you...

I Love you i say

when i am really meaning to say is

i am glad you are here

i am happy u happened to me

i know how u feel and want to make it right

i am dying to be with you

i am breaking inside without your love

all i want is you

all i will ever need is you

i have disappointed you, i want to be better

i am sorry i cant do a thing to help, i am clueless, but i wish ur pain to go

u just made one of my dream come true...

i cant breathe again without u in my life

i know no matter wat u do, how long u take, i know i can cry, scream, hate,hit, but i will not and cannot stop loving you

you just stole my heart with wat u did,

I just died now... i almost did with joy

Please don't go, please be with me

yes thats precisely the many things that cross my mind, but all can really manage to say is

I love you!

so imagine what exactly i ahve been missing out on every day and second you have been away


  1. I hope this means that the email business went well?

  2. havent heard from him yet

    i am suddely realising... i shudnt have had done it... wat was i thinking!

    but its already done and it cant be undone...