Saturday, October 17, 2015

Nothing but a miracle

Imagine the universe! Imagine the creator! Who created it and placed you in it so you can know him and pray to him. He than created a long straight path through which you can reach the heavens and as you walk on it, you ask him to guide you to stay on it and not let you wander right or left on this long long path. Now think which verse of Quran this imagery reminds you of?

You guessed right! Suratul Fateh!

When you teach kids Quran this way be assured they themselves will rush to learn more and remembering Surahs would become so much easier.

Beautiful thing i experienced today, and as i imagined i felt to be in a magical land. In the hustle bustle of everyday lives; we have forgotten what a wonderful miracle God is and what miracle everything around us is.

Suspended in a sphere of energy i would say a sphere of love the vast universe created by one that has no beginning no end. Our reality is nothing but a mirage. Doesnt it boggle the mind?

SUBHANA Rabiyal Aala! And if i dont bow to His Supreme Presence,  how can I ever justify my existence.

If i dont acknowledge Him, how do i deserve a dot of livelihood, And if He hadnt chosen to reward me with the noblest and purest of his  guides, how on earth would i had survived this far and ever found my way back to Him. I dont know why i deserved it. All i wish for is may i never do a thing that would take this boon away from me! I am truly a chosen one for having my Maula to hold my hand and lead the way!