Thursday, April 5, 2012

Movie Time: Love Comes Softly

Best Pieces clark to Marty : The truth of Gods love is not that he allows bad things to happen.. Its his promise to help you there with it. Missy: i am tired of trying, its too hard , besides i don't need to read anyhow... Marty: ok fine... Missy : you dont care if i dont do it Marty: no, not if u dont like adventures Missy : what do u mean no adventures Marty: Once you can read you can have every adventure you ever dreamed of. and those pages there is no limit to where you can go or what u can be! Missy: (motivated) I dont think it wud hurt if i try a bit more:D
Clark: Dear Lord you couldn't have brought more to my life i don't always understand your plans but i ask you, please share it with me this time.. please help me accept it. Old Lady: We are just lucky to leave this god forsaken part of the country Marty: i wouldn't call it God forsaken Old Lady:Horrible snow storms Marty: Beautiful sunsets Old Lady: A woman has to be crazy to stay or in love Clark: Why a man comes after a woman, its that simple. Marty:: I need a good reason to stay.. Clark: stay cuz i love you. Marty: well i will stay cuz i love you... Clark:yeh thats a good reason!:)