Monday, September 12, 2011

Answering you Guys!

and akash... i am not against guy and girl relation and never will be... i beleive in it...

travel places, eat tasty, make your parents smile, do a random good thing and forget.. so much fun..

thse i do and they are the reason i am able to survive including helping friends where ever i can sharing a laugh and good time. they make me happy to an extent but they cannot remove the fact that a woman will ultimately need guy in her life. its the delimma i have

and if i undertsand Islam... the reason why man and woman are asked to be in perdah...will make u understand its not cuz islam is anti fun or happiness... its against man and woman getting ideas they arent supposed to entertain...:)

the reason why GF BF cuture is so rampant... and breakups are so easy... moving from one guy to another and one gal to another... and then wondering wat happened to being faithful... wat happened to being in love... what happened to having a bit of decency, knowing wats not urs must not be pursued wats urs must be cared for and looked after...

we are sinful when we enjoy a woman with a wrong eyes and a man too... tell me u dont... i am not talking to u akash... i know u r not a muslim... and u may have other philosophy running for u...but i know this for a mulsim man and woman to be true. unless we simply disregard it cuz its really hard for us to implement and beleive in

so i keep a quiestion in front of u...

you come across a girl who is attractive to u... whats the first thought comes to u?

1-help her respect her protect her
2-wow wat a beauty i shud get to know her better and if i cud date her
3- make her my sis and keep her out of reach of bad boys... and hand her to her husband one fine day
4- use her for the skills she posesses... not girlish, but intellectual and academic... and treat her like a family
5- any other enlighten me please... it may help me clear my mind abt u guys and those who i dont know inside out... which happens to be my family and friends who i treat like my bros...


  1. no 2 for sure,
    i have many girls who call me brother :P

  2. Neither..
    Being attractive doesn't mean that I should get to know her. Or talk to her.
    Unless I already know her, in which case I'm here if she needs my help. Like I am here for anyone who needs me.

  3. Fall in love and faster get married!! That's my opinion when it comes to love..if i were a guy..i'll just do one thing for her forever..and the rest will be taken care of by itself..<3<3<3 (ish...but im not a guy);P:P

    take care

  4. Ateeq: i understand bro. ur time will come too:) u shudnt mind being called bro by all except one... and she isnt here yet, but one day she will...:D

    Ovais... i know wat u r saying... my question is definitely not to make u guys feel bad ... its the problem every guy and girl who is unsure faces. like i know i like many guys but when it comes to marriage i can marry but one... and so i must only fancy one:) and its pretty easy for me to do that!

    i have no prob calling all but one my bro ... not sure abt u guys or how it works

  5. Ah. Well. You'll fall in love so badly that you'll know who to fancy. :P

  6. hehe! i guess i already have... or may be not... see its still in jeopardy so i cant say... will i keep fancying him forever... or the image will be replaced!:D

    i hope not!