Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain!!! (boys under 30 donot read beyond line 16) a pledge if u can keep!

i love you rains
i love the showers,
i love the smell of you, the feel of you the depth of you the substance of you

i love the thunder and the lightning strike too
it fills me with awe and mesmerizes me
reminding me of the Glory my lord posesses

so to day when i sat there drenching myself
shuddering with cold, it was cuz of the love of you

so you poured with more vigor, trying to make me runaway

but this is all i had to say to you

i love you rain so pour as hard as you can, but today u wont be able to beat me, to scare me.

doesnt matter if i get sick, doesnt matter i get a cold, doesnt matter if i die now

doesnt matter i feel like a fool, doesnt matter i am the only one

let me be ready for u anyday anytime, to love you regardless

for i know rain, i loved you from the day i was born!

and i wait all those dry, hot harsh days just to feel u on my skin once again
to drench me in ur kisses until there is no place left in me thats not been touched by ur tender, warm, and hot yet wet feel telling me that you love me too

all the way to heaven

today we made love endlessly you and me and i can now say i am ready to take the pains along with the gains...or i am getting there!

I love you rain...and the fact you are God gifted makes it all so absolutely beautiful!


  1. Man!!!!1
    this was some erotic post. :D

  2. i told u to not read beyond line 16... but why wud kids listen to wat grownups tell them...:P