Friday, February 25, 2011

Talked to childhood friend Samina. We grew up with difference of mind and thoughts, but as we grew up the differences kept dying out. Now she is a mother of two and is genuinely happy to hear from me which is all i always care for.

With various priorities around i feel she is doing a good job, keeping, her work, social and home life in a perfect balance, a symbol of a complete women, which we all strive for. Yet for me somehow social life will always be syumboled with a burden which i cant afford, nor can much care for.

But talking to her made me realise ppl from far look very different, out of our league or we out of theirs , on close inspection they are not much different then you are. especially those who have a good heart.:)

She suggested i start a worskhop with kids again. I would only do it when i can do it with a excitement and commitment.

wats say taking aup a practice session as pearl for a month... Shud not be difficult if i made myt mind... why not use it ... 1 month should not be difficult for me.

Life once again seems pleasant and easy... thinking a lot of times is not so good.

But for one thing i am never and never will be short of opportunities. With a willing attitude and love and a little truts i feel for ppl... i can create opportunities from anywhere...only if they dont hold me responsible for leaving it in the middle and dont keep a grudge. but that can be easily taken care of by telling them in advance i wont be here for long. My destiny is calling me, and i may be asked to tread to different places. i need that freedom, as i can never lose sight of my ultimate destiny.

love you all and feeling in control once again...

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