Friday, February 25, 2011

Yasir Wali and Jawad - A new voice

There was a sweet song coming and it captured me in a moment with the sweet pushto voice...and melody..

I wanted to share it with others which could be moved with the same...Its wonderful to share with others moments and glimpses that stuck u in your path and moved you.

I was watching 360 Channel of fashion... and realized if i could wear the same kind of dresses i cud be a model too. I never for once doubted if i cud go for it i wud do a great job. i have the face the body and with makeup and dressing and the way to carry myself... i will be a million dollar face... as sean said... bu thinking where will it leave me with my dream to find myself a home and family... i wud never do a thing which wud sacrifice that ... i wud love to dress well but go with whom there is no one to take me to parties and places, nor someone to feel good when i am dressed like that and enjoy the sight. someone who i wud love to dress up like that...and i know when i will have him life will be so drastically different that my dream to dress up will be no more a possibility, who knows wat he wud love and like. will we have enuf money to afford that sort of stuff... will i have time to give myself that luxury.

With no will to work and earn, to have a dream to dress up is a stupid impractical one. yet i wud love to see myself dream...

I often dream to work in one of the movies like a lead actress... dressed in beautiful, nonrevealaing yet elegant and sensual dresses showing my feminineness without exposing anything... capturing hearts but not enuf to develop lust, impossible may be... women cannot get away flaunting themselves without raising eyes of not just the one you want but of those you dont. Even though the need to flaunt was just to feel good abt herself.

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