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Rahul Bose BORN ON26 -7 -19673 :4 :0 .28:38:NORTH77:13:EAST

Planetary Positions
Lag64 * 7',Sun98 * 50',Moo329 * 20',Mar189 * 30',Mer80 * 14',Jup109 * 4',Ven137 * 15',Sat349 * 3',Rah9 * 5',Ket189 * 5',
Birth Star: Purva Bhadrapada (PURURUTTATHY)
Balance Dasa at Birth : 4 YEAR 9 MONTHS 13 DAYS JUPITER DHASA
Scientific Predictions based on 1 st planetary Position
You like to get involved in public activities. There will be constant unhappiness regarding matters related to your mother. You will have some ideological difference from your father. You will like to be popular, and getting respect from others, than any financial gains. Your teaching ability is very good. You have good book writing skills your first half of your life is very problematic and second half you will get lot of reputation.You will have very healthy body. You are very clam and quiet person. If some one has done something against your wish, you will angrily react to it if they are your associates, but you will not react to if you cannot have any control over them. You like very tasty food. You will get favors from governments.You dot like costly luxurious items and events. You will have good principle against every thing .you are very good practical minded and knowledge about every thing. You will do everything you assigned to very decently. You are not hardliner regarding religion. You can do every hard work for others. You will not spend much for if it is not directly related to others. However, you will spend lavishly for own requirement. You will excel in responsible jobs. Your marriage life will be a good one. You can enjoy every art form, and activities related to art will give you good gain.
Scientific Predictions based on 2 nd planetary Position
You will like to travel a lot. Even if they dislike it, but you have to do this because of life situations. You are very intelligent. You are have a good appearance. You will attain higher education if you try hard for it. You are known for tactical moves. However, you encounter problems if you involve something without enough thinking. You like to see victory within a short time, rather working for long-term objectives. You will get angry within no time, but in the next moment, you will act like nothing happened. You always have some special people among friends and relatives. You will give special care in dealing with the special group. However, for others you deal tactically. You show more friendliness and nearness when you need them, but discard them if you do not need others service any more. You always have an interest in public activities. You will more interest in working with scientific or social organizations than religious or political organizations. Your public speaking ability is very good. You will use carefully selected words in conversation to attract friends and the public. Sometimes you use humor extensively in speeches. Otherwise, you will use any art form to get attraction from others. You like to know about every subject, but cannot be involved very intensely. There will be more interest I the latest subjects and technologies. You always like being involved many activities. You never like to site idle. You will have a long nose, attractive eyes, and thick hair(:p) You may like to research on one particular topic, even as you age. You will have a sincere approach in public activities. Sometimes your spouse is superior to you in appearance, wealth, or education. Beware of some people from the opposite sex may cheat you because you trusts him or her. You have an extra talent in do the work more efficiently than others. You will keep your face pleasant even if you are facing some problem. Even slight illness is unbearable for you.

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