Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Note to a friend!

S! you are one amazing, beautiful strong very strong very strong person! But darling, don't let that strength be the reason for anyone to exploit u. You are still a girl and u ought to be one. don't let people turn u into something u don't in ur heart want to be. It's okay to cry its okay to curse:) it's okay to scream in pain and let everyone around u who love u know that cuz they have no right to be around u if they can't; when they claim they are family they are friend... they have no right to call themselves that if they are not willing to love u completely totally selflessly! Don't give up on any of ur dreams desires wishes. You know what's with faith... it lies with you and where u place it. if u will place it in a flower it will grow there... if u place it in God it will grow there.... When u have it, it would never fail u....But the day u will doubt it, it will die.. so its life is in ur hand, in our hands... don't let anyone kill it just cuz they cant see what u see for yourself working. I don't say don't hear others opinions but don't hear others doubts and act on them. Their doubts should never be ur belief, even if it's our own parents. Let them share with you beliefs, not their doubts. It seems every one of us has a long list of doubts and not even a handful of faith.

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