Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Remember this when you remember me!

So I took this quote a little too seriously! And thought I will not let my voice die in oblivion!

And when you remember me remember this and nothing else... cuz probably there is nothing else to me. :)

This is what I learned doing from the time I believe I got my senses.... This is what I did when life got impossible and this is where I found my refuge every time things got unbearable!

I have lived an amazing life. I remember every bit of it distinctly cuz I have lived it breathed it, tasted it, endured it...

Even the pains were not pains... they were the life they mattered they taught me things about me I didn't know before. Made me proud of me and of course I will never have those moments again... they are etched in me like scars and stars that they were.

And this journey was and will be my favorite... Cuz I get to spend it with some of the most amazing humans... My maula for starters... to have the privilege to have seen him, known him, loved him and loved him well with purest of intentions with every heartbeat and those who came for a moment or two but left a mark.... in shape of heartbreak,a tear or even a scream... they all in that moment gave me everything I needed I had desired and hoped and wished for...

I was asked once who do you think you want to be like... and I told him like no one else... I want to be like me I hope me to be... Never in my life I envied anyone for what they had... if you would know what I want and get it... you will understand why.... But my best and worst moments each one of them has given me memories and shown me the reality of people in a good way. If I had not lived this intensely I probably would not have found my existence worthy...

To all those intense souls worldwide you guys give this world its soul! without your life would be lifeless really! 

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