Saturday, August 27, 2011

Can you ask this question to that one man who u admire the most!

And write back their answers here for me thank u!

ask Him this?

which school he went and how much does he think the school has a part on his upbringing? and if it was not for his father and mothers proper attention wud he have been capable of having a strong personality like he has or not? how much of this personality can be credited to the school he went... and if he was ever to have a kid in future... where wud he get him educated to ensure he follows his fathers footstep on the areas of helping humanity at large and living life to the fullest, and is not a dumb, weak, or easily fooled, or defeatable kind of a man... this answer will surely help me out with my kids. thank u! i hardly know someone who is happy and strong and courageous, and right all at once... its a rare combination and who ever has it... is someone i can learn from.

and post me back wat they said...

you can email me them when ever u have them here on


Take care

and i will really appreciate this, really really really!



  1. My dad went to a government school all the way back in the 60s and 70s.
    His parents were really forceful, so he always had to listen to them, but they gave wonderful advice..
    His personality just came about because of his entire family's influence. They went to the same school, studied together, messed around together, and everything.
    My dad would get my educated at the best place that he possibly could.
    He's strong and courageous Masha Allah and right too :)

  2. thank u ovais...:) so are u sure u will be falling in the same steps ur father... if so, i can think it will be cuz of ur father and not the school alone? wat u think

    i am really concerned abt which school will be best for my kids, especially to turn them into right, courageous, and happy individuals...incase their father don have strong values... hmmm (i hope though he has:)


    i still havent got my answers decided yet... I never liked my school, yet i dont know was it really the schools fault or my own:)

  3. I think it would be a mixture of both for me.
    My school taught me stuff-not just about studies, but life too-and my dad taught me a lot too.

    I went to a private school, but then I've met people who are a lot like me, but went to public schools too.

    It depends on what your child is like and everything.

  4. that i cannot know wat my child will be like:) and why?

    i wud want to ensure he doesnt end up being worse then me...for then i will really regret it... betetr then me... i wud really like in every sense of the word... way better...but to not be able to have anything in ur hand to ensure that... makes it so hard to work on planning and deciding!... like at times i feel if i will even want my kid to go to school... and if so which one... i seem to have a problem with everyone of them... even the one i went to had its flaws... i hated it and all my life i hated it until today... i realise may be it was the best, but painful...i cant seem to decide... do u think the teachers u got were great and u wud have missed them if they hadnt been there...

  5. Well, the question is, which system of education is better in the long run?
    Which system teaches a person how to think and work for themselves and question everything?
    In my experience, that's the O'level one..

    We all hate studying, simply because we prefer to party and relax. Even nerds like me want to enjoy life.
    Every school has their own types of teachers and students. Every single school is different.

    My school's teachers are and were amazing. Except for one or two, they all taught me much more than what another teacher could have.

  6. nerd like you:) i wud so disagree on that... dont ever insult urself telling u r one...u r infact offending me for i just am starting to like u... for being who ever u r and nerd is a wrong word... so dont ever use it... no matter whr u get this thinking coming...:D and thank u so much for ur answer... wats ur school by the way?

  7. Okay, okay :P

    Delete my comment after you read it, okay?
    I'm not supposed to be telling everyone what school I teach at.. Bay View Academy. :)