Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Of love and Fate!

Nothing i did was enuf for u... but anything u did or didnt do was fine with me....now there is hardly anthing u can do that will make up for it... and watever i ever will do will be enuf but i am lost for words and actions towards you! change of tables...

We dont stretch good luck to a level where it breaks down and gives up... cuz when it does we are done! Guess wat we still do...

But i am that good luck of urs which will always be with u even if this far...ybut you will never know! and may be that's ur badluck one that u got urself into by ur own very decision:)

God is watching and knowing my and your actions and motives and deciding and manifesting your and my destiny based on them... every going second! i may be unaware of urs, u may be unaware of mine but He isnt... Who needs spies! I dont!

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