Monday, August 29, 2011

I was simply on the lookout for a Guy, and i ended up meeting God instead!:)

Conversation to a random Guy or Gal

Me: I am on the look out for God.:) Have you seen Him?

She/ He: Looking me up and down. (I am pretty looking, but a little consious)

Me: Repeat again: I am hoping for someone to help me get to God.

She/ He: Sorry, Wat did u just say, you are on the look out for what?
are you alright...:)

Me: Sorry. I think i asked the wrong person...

She/ He: Did u just saw that girl... I tell u there are crazy ppl ... did u just see what she was wearing...i cant beleive ppl walk around in that... Her BF actually checking out..:) hoping he cud find more then he already have:P

Me: Sorry. I think i asked the wrong person...

She/ He: No wait, Are you ok! I am sorry, but it just came out as a very different kind of a question... But its hell ok!

I am sorry, But i have no clue... I have heard abt him, never seen him... Why are you wanting to meet him.

Me: cuz i have a question, only he can answer... and i am really desperate... So rather then wait for him, i felt it wud be better to start finding him.

She/He: What is the question...

Me: Are you God?

She/ He: No...

Me: Then sorry i cant tell you... Its only him i want to ask..

She/ he: But you may never get to meet him, its actually wiser to ask humans.

Me: I have, but they didnt know...

She: What is it?

Me: I wanted to ask if i am doing ok? Was i right when i took that stand, or was he really unhappy.

She / They: What did u do?

Me: I cudnt marry as my mom said. Cuz i thought i cant love them. Then i met a guy, who i was ready to love, but who ended up being very difficult. I tried leaving him, but everytime i did... My heart broke... and i simply cudnt break myself away from him. Then one day... he did something terrible... That time... i was shattered... and cudnt really take it anymore... So i cried and never ever turned to him again...

But it has been so many days... i feel like i am being punished for something. so i want to ask God, what did i do so wrong. and how can i make it all right for me for him, for us.

She/ He: I am sorry, but i know someone who can help you.

Me: Who...

She/He: ummm (silence)

(who is that someone you can advise me to go to, to get help if its not God i shud consult, and if its really God, where can i meet him?)

No i want someone to answer me in person... for the one who used to send me things in heart is confusing me these days... there are two voices... one says this and the other says that!

One i am hearing is making it hard, the other, makes it even harder!

who said love, made everything easy...finding this answer hasnt really been easy.

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