Sunday, August 28, 2011

would you judge me!!!!

Would you judge me, if i said i love you and then dont feel it anymore

Would you judge me when i say i will be there for u, but somehow cant be there

Would you judge me when i wanted to adopt you, but then i realise i am not good for the job and never went ahead

Would you judge me when i take up a project, for betterment, but then i got to leave for USA and never keep on it and then simply never returned to it

Would you judge me when i say i need you but then realise its not you its some one like you.. which happens to be on the next table...

Would you judge me if i say i cant do wat u need for i am really enjoying wat i am doing right now

Would you judge me when i say i love to fly high, but if itws going to kill me i will never do it...

Would you judge me when u might be hurting like hell and i wont be able to do a thing, but cry with u, and it will be someone else who will finally heal you... wud u just leave me cuz it wasnt i who helped!

I have done almost all to my loved ones once in a while... but they never learned how to hate me or leave me, so they never left... nor judged me... they simply kept loving me, exactly like themselves, sometimes they were happy sometimes unhappy...

But i am sure you will judge me cuz u are not the one who loves me that well!

So dont ask me to beleive you when u say u truly care... for it will may be, be a lie... may be, not a sure thing but can be...

Just realized some rules are awesome that is like following them actually gets u more luck then u cud ever get in ur life breaking them...:D


  1. I love this!!! And you can absolutely crash at mine if you come to Australia :) Thanks for your lovely comment!

  2. do i look like a judge. :P
    even god would judge people at the day of judgement, sow how can we judge people in this short life :P

  3. hahaha!:D i didnt mean you silly, but now i am wondering who i was talking to or thinking talking to:)

    dont be a judge to me or anyone for that matter... the only kind of judge i can allow u to be is... the indian idol... they really have the bias ones...there i feel..:)