Saturday, August 20, 2011

Awards Time!

When i started Blog, every person that i came across opened a sea of other ppl and there were days when i was overwhelmed with people to read and add...

i remember, in order to not lose anyone imp... i wud keep clicking them... and my tabs wud fill up as i had around 20 - 30 blogs and profiles clicked... tempted to add them all...

So i actually now have quite a pool of cool bloggers! I love them all...

But there are some who i have lost track of and this award is for those who i cannot keep on top of my mind, but who i so want to read whenever they update as well as those who are always on my mind and i look forward to read them:)

No numbering since i feel they all are equal for me... if u made me happy once you did me a good which i always will cherish and be grateful for ...

There are two kinds of awards, so make sure you know when the next start...

Soooooooo the "You make me Happy" Award Goes to

Teenage Mutiny - For his brilliance and excellence and humour and wit, and cuteness and sweetness and everything wonderful!

ALWAYS JUMPED FROM THE WRONG TRAIN.. ALWAYS - For his seriousness, for his romanticism, for his thoughts, for his wishes, for his manliness yup (he is huggable)

Pablo's Angel - for her creativity, for her love of things and stuff, and cute pics and captions and ideas and wishes and colors and optimism, and dreams and fantasies... they make me color my world with them...

The many Colours of Happiness - Same as above....

The other side of me - for the grace and the beauty of her

HR7 - This kid is at a phase in life where he has faced a lot... and he is coming out strong... i just want to know how he keeps us... i hope he writes more... keeps writing...

Color me Katie - My Encyclopedia for cool and doable ideas that can bring a smile on anyones face:D She is the most creative hardworking and fun person out here... theres nothing cool she hasnt done and lived so i envy her but in a very kind sort of way... i love her legs and the way she faunts them... makes me want to do that...:D

Cogito, ergo sum - Wat can i say he is a genius when it comes to know... but no matter how cheap he gets... i still dont find him cheap... i have this huge respect for him... i dont know wat makes me have it... i blv cuz he comes out the way he is and says it in the most hillarious, humrous and fun way... its always pleasure to read him...

Chattering of a Drunk Butterfly - The title speaks for itself... love her for her cuteness, beautiful words, sweet outpourings... hope they keep coming ....


And now

Comes the

"You make me jealous by being soooo cool and awesome" Awards

Boredom Butcher - He likes me and so do i:)

Amith - Me Being Me - right now i am listening to the music that comes on as soon as u open his page how cool is that... i like the attitude the writing the music selection and everything...

Its always great to hear from you all and wat a morning it wud be to have a word from each of you... a new one, a fresh one...

No matter how much you have already said... its always great to hear the next part...:D

Its like those serials you get addicted to and dont want to ever end...

So keep writing the movie of your life...

Take care


  1. Thanks for mentioning are sooooo sweet :):)

    and i would love to hear more from you too ;):)

  2. saw a lot of your old posts...was really impressed:)
    i am your follower...hope you follow back...:)

  3. Aww thank you so so much! You are incredibly sweet and I adore what you wrote about me! :)

  4. U made my SUNDAY, :D
    that is really hard, cos i usually sleep all day, and now no one can make me sleep...:D
    *takes out his and jumps, runs like a mad dog on the road, jumps in front of a truck and dies happily* :D

  5. @ ateeq :D hehehe! (looking awkwardly, wondering isko kya hua) kal tek to theek tha...:D

    that reaction is very unexpected... meney aisa kya kehdiya:P

  6. oh i even missed a word called shirt in my comment..
    OMG, u awarded me....didn't u.
    goes up again checks the award,
    yeah that is me..
    dies again :P
    height of being happy

  7. Awww, thankyou so very much!!=D