Saturday, August 6, 2011


What u think abt these to be morally correct or not

1- To watch and stare opposite sex or same sex out of temptations and being attracted and unable to hold urself:) and wishing they werent married or in relationship with that person

2- to look down on ppl who dont fit in ur world

3- to do wat interests you and avoid everything that doesnt

4- to give one person and say no to another

5- to be biased

6- to be sweet in front of someone and cannot avoid talking abt it in front of others

7- to follow other and keep notes of wat they do

8- to be a pervert

9- to want to date more then one person at a time and leave as soon as u find someone better

10- to marry and then give a divorce when its not easy to stick around

11- to not marry only and be in open relationships

12- to say prayers , recite quran and not leave a chance to back bite and say something negative abt someone

13- to dance , hang out with opposite sex, enjoy life and be very nice hearted and sweet to everyone

14- to avoid talking when only thing u usually talk is sarcasm and treat others with silence

15- to speak and say ur mind but never hold ur tongue

16- to love more then one man at the same time and be indecisive abt who is the one you shud marry and then never marry

17- to fall in and out of love easily

18- to commit and then be unhappy and grumpy, as u dont know any other way abt it

19- to keep ur secrets from your spouse

20- to be disgusted by your spouse when they share their secrets and want ur understanding

21- to love someone and never marry

22- to marry someone and never love them

23- to distrust everyone

24- to trust everyone


  1. 1) I think it's natural. You can feel anything about anyone! Nothing wrong with it, till you keep your thoughts to yourself=P

    2,3,4) I think it's okay to do these as well=D

  2. :) nice post...and in my opinion they are pretty practical morals:)
    em ur new follower...hope u follow bak:)