Friday, August 26, 2011

Pakistan, For those Who dont Know!

Went to a trip last yr, to the northern Areas
A Short one, but with memories enuf to last life time...:)

The Places we went were Naran, and Shugran
these are not all but my fav ones...:)

Hpe you guys enjoy !

And heres the video Compiled...

I realised, Music makes us take more from the picture then we wud otherwise... The song, surely isnt the best to go with it, but was the only one that went better...




  1. I love Pakistan and em proud to be a Pakistani! :)
    I've been to naran kaghan sied and believe me its so pretty....just like heaven on earth!
    Nice post and pics btw!

  2. i have never been to these places, but now i really want to pay a visit there.
    lovely pictures, so recreational.

  3. The third picture! you look soooo cuteeee!!=D <3

  4. Beautiful pics! And I really liked that song you chose for the video, what's it called?