Saturday, August 27, 2011

Heres a peak for u all of my singing skills:)

Since i dont have any others to talk on, may be just may be i can impress you with my singing ones!

I am not the only one, who has secrets..

I am getting to know so many ppl having them like me...:)

I have realised all our life all we need is one o share ourselves totally with... so that there is nothing that is remaining that is not out there...

When I sing... i am being the best of me... and so for me to be able to sing is a dream... to come out, not for the sake of fame, or even popularity, or acceptance, or approvals, or getting liked and known...


thats not wat i need...

Its like i sing to show others who i am... i want to be do that with that someone and those many who i want to come out to...

and never fear again of showing my true self...

I have never really sang in front of others, but once... on a picnic, i got msyelf into a stutaion, where it was hard for me to get out and not sing... looking back i thank God , for not giving me a way out of it or else i wud have never known the joy i now can cherish as a beautiful memory...a treasure i cud have so easily missed, by decling and backing out...:)

but half of the time, my eyes were close... finally when i opened it... the audience and their listening intently, amused and serene looks made me keep them open for the rest of the performance... i won the context... yess...:)

it was the first bar i had crossed on coming out and doing something i feared like anything...:) and to win so many hearts... was like the best feeling:)

that day will never leave my memories... everything abt it was majical...

anyways i no more going into the whole scene and bore u all...

the point is... i want to share my voice to more ppl and finally get their feedback, sincere one...:) so when i sing to my family, they dont take it for granted:) and help me use it for better things!

cuz it was a dream to sing like Celine and Elka, or one of those ppl who come in contest like , X Factor, or Indian Idol...

and ur encouragements will make me feel better that to kya i cant sing in front of the world, i still can have a little audience of my own:)...

and also if u guys liked it wud like to hear me sing more songs... if so pls share ur choices... and i will gift them to a token of my love for u all...:)

and this song, has some problems, like when i am eating some words... i dont know why i did that... may be i got distracted or forgot the lyrics.. sorry for that


P.S. Now when u ask me, what the hell did u do with ur life ... i was busy trying to sing like them!



  1. Aww you have a beautiful voice! Though unfortunately I don't understand the words lol

  2. thank u Hazel:D

    I was so glad its u when u said i dont undertsand the words, since u cant understand hindi...

    or else i wud have thought such a bad singing no one can understand a word:P

  3. i thought i was listening to Shria for a moment,
    u have got sooo seductive voice...:D

  4. @ ateeq: wow thats really a compliment:D Shrea, u know is really amazing and if i can be like her i wudnt ask for more:) who wud...:P

    this means a lot to me!:D thanx Friend!

  5. @ Hazel, and Ateeq, do u have a song u wud like me to sing? :)

    send in ur choice 1 each:)

    PLZ PLZ./.