Friday, August 19, 2011

Guess who he is?

Wasnt he adorable...:D Well i am sure i see way more adorable kids around my city... but still theres something abt him... Why?

Cuz he is none other , the one and only ♥♥♥♥♥♥Salman Khan♥♥♥♥♥♥

He makes me so happy!

and it was never the case when i saw him with madhuri

or Bhagea shree

or even aishveriya...

but somehow seeing him with katrina


and yes Asin (Get your hands off Would you?

makes me jealous... i wonder why?

May be cuz they are single, or way too beautiful and hot for him to handle or may be cuz it was recently that this thought was introduced to my naive mind :S

so wat i wasnt really intending to marry him... right?
No (with an unsure lost, trying to make sense look)

then why do i care who he does wat with

Yes ( still unsure)

Wat is the problem then?

I am not sure... Besides havent i already made vows abt who i want to marry... in front of God...

Yes... and arent i like going to be true to that vow till eternity... Yessss!

then why do i care Abt salman khan and who he is with or isnt with?

I dont knowwwwww.... okkkk! i know its wierd... i knowwwww.... but its just that i cant stop thinking who he will end up with, or if he is not being off limits... and to just be there.... i mean i dont know.....seriously...

all i know is that one day i had this strange wish in me and it so happens when i wish sincerely it has to come true and sort of my life adjusts around that wish... so if there were some plans made, the wish will fail them and new plans will get into place... i wud feel angry for the plans that fail, but when i see my wishes come true ... i realise those were not as imp or worthy as wat i just Got...

and u know who led me to pay this unusual kind of attention to Salman Khan...

You, My beloved who left me crying and yet wants me to stay happy...

Sometimes even i think if only i had not made that vow... i surely wud have convinced myself you are a mirage for anything happy... but the truth is the happiness i felt when u were there is wat i never felt after that...

I know it scares me to be so dependant on u for that Me... who only comes out when u r there....but the truth i crave to see that ME... the beautiful lovely, and wonderful ME and it makes me want to have you stay forever:)

And the fact that even Salman Khan cannot make me the happy that you make me... i beleive will give u enuf reason to believe when i say I love you...the way i love no one!

Not even those i loved before you...who God hadnt intented for me... and who are happy with their beautiful wives, and of them is a friend i always will cherish ...

But its not like i desire them... no way... not even for a second...:D Its you and only You...I am not even sure why, other then for the reason that one day i made this vow when i was abt to lose u that i wud keep loving u no matter wat! no matter where life leads us both, who you want to be with in the end!

For my love isnt changeable... even if the rest of everything in me is!


  1. its not weird, to l0ve this big guy,
    he is surely DABANG.
    and few months back i had a deadly crush on Camilla belle.
    so cheers. :D

  2. Wow. You have a crush on him. A BIG ONE. =D

  3. u have been awarded at my blog, :D, get it:

  4. It's not wrong to have a crush on a celebrity. It's quite cute! And it's not wrong to care who he ends up with - it's natural if you feel strongly about someone :)

  5. you guys were great! :) so much fun this has been... and you guys have been! wish you all joy and happiness.:D