Sunday, August 28, 2011


Dont choose it if you cant love it,
Dont have it, if you cant love it
Dont bear it, if you cant love it
Dont wear it, if you cant love it

Dont care for it, if you cant love it,
Dont beleive it if you cant love it
Dont heed it if you cant love it
Dont breed it, if you cant love it

Dont speak it, if you cant love it
Dont read it, if you cant love it
Dont even try to heal it if you cant love it

For you will be doing the biggest injustice to everyone for doing something u don't love


    i want to die and then come back for once..
    its a freaky thing to love death, but frankly death inspires me :D

  2. if u r not giving up the desire to come back... u really dont love death:D

    you still love life more then death:P

    no its not freaky to be inspired by death... but that should never let u take ur or anyone elses life lightly...

    but if u ask me i am interested in knowing wat happens after death since i pretty much know wat most can happen here...

    the possibility that remains in the eternity are vast , other then the fact sometimes the problems and my incapability to do something good with myself makes me want to end it all...

    i do look at it as an adventure to try and sometimes as the only option to go for..:)

    but i choose life, for death is going to happen anyways, so its not like we can miss it anyway... but who knows in joy of it, we may miss on life... big time... so lets not think a lot abt something tht is going to come anyways...with its own set of surprises...:D

  3. aur attequay

    No post from you? kyun bhai sirf perhney ke paisey mil rehey hain kya... chalo...start

    waisey bhi... i always beleive jo positivity hum lerkiyon ki life mein aap lerkon se aasekti hai, woh kisi aur se nahi... so please do me a favor... give me one of the doze of fun again:)

    hum poori kehaniyaan likh detey hain aur app dino tek gayab... yes i know lots of fun is going so please give us the peak in that fun... hamara bhi dil hai!

    aur apney bhai hamza ko bhi message dedeyna...

    no blog post from you means u dont care for us anymore!

  4. lol ,attequay..
    no post from me, here is the one coming out tonight..
    fun!!!! i hardly get time to post comment, life these days is really hard.
    i think if i won't comment, that would mean k i don't care, but usually i am the first one to that means i really LOVE being here.

  5. i will post up tomorow, can't write properly at this moment