Monday, August 29, 2011

They say if you have to hide it, never get in that relationship

My Parrents, know it, My brothers know it, My God knows it My Maula knows it...and but i will never have the heart to tell u this...

I was heart broken when we stopped talking, and i asked you to delete me from FB:(

but as soon as i said it i knew u wud... and i wont be able to see u again... i downloaded all of ur pic, to give me peace in ur absence... as u never knew this but ur face just gave me peace...always...:D

You dont know that... may be u dont deserve to know how much i did love u then,

I am always going to be with u, even if u arenot, for i draw my strnegth from being there for u

i made this movie that day...having all the adorable pics of u:)
hopefull to be able to say those prayers for u and me when i see them... with u laughing and smiling in them... bringing back those happy times, and taking away the sadness and loneliness these moments can be even more perfect then they were when we were together...someone and something was always there to spoil it...

I love u...and will always do... i know u r just in reach of my hand... yet its not the physical distances i am concerned abt.. Its the distance of hearts... which is not in my hand to close...not until u make efforts too...

I know if u cud see them... u wud laugh me off or may be give one of ur beary hugs... or may be just tease me endlessly until i ask u to stop embarrassing me..:)or may be it wud mean nothing at all. Make no difference at all... Doesn't matter... Its all i have of u... and i am not going to give it up for the world


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