Monday, August 8, 2011

When i hear a love song

The only person i know its meant to be sung for is my Lord!

so forgive me for being unable to love you like i love Maula, like i love my Lord, My creator, Like Allah

For when i see them hurt by wat i do... the pain is unbearable...and with them along i truly can do without almost everything this world can ever choose to offer! its like that, i am not exagerrating, so if i was promised worlds, and heavens in exchange of them i wud not think twice to denounce every bit of it!

So when i am unable to tell you i love u more then life, i know its cuz my life isnt for me, its for my Lord!

if i will ever have to lay it, its a promise i made when i was mere a kid in my hearts of heart, it will be for my lord and not for my lover!

I love you but not more then God! never!

Be happy my love, sleep well and try to be away from bad, for that will seperate us forever, and will break my heart...i wish we cud have been together... for if there is someone i want to ever lose myself to after God, my heart chose it to be you:(

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