Monday, August 8, 2011


Its not being patient when u numb yourself and harden so you dont feel any pain, or close yourself to anything unpleasant while you wait for the fortune to fall on you, to be patient is to be able to live with hope, faith gratitude and courage, making small efforts... taking all that comes in the way to reach that fortune with an open heart and mind and soul...

and once you are blessed with it you shall find it will never be short to amaze you!

Its easier to drink alcohol, lose yourself in the wrong pleasures of life when u r broken in your heart...but thats now how u honour love...

you dont honour it until you experience the loss and the pain it gives and let it humble you, energize you, make you passionate and warm... so that you can answer on its return to you that it was the desire to be with him that made you go on all these years and not those distractions that made you totally lose sight of wat u were in for!

aah where do i get this courage from! to have this soft warmth in me, that makes everything around me melt and blossom with love!


  1. Nice blog looking farward to read more . :) follow me too :)

  2. just the thing i needed to read. :)