Sunday, July 31, 2011

The journey is coming to an end!

couldnt help typing in...

these wise words hit me... as my mind was brought to attention to the gushing heaven sent raindrops... gushed like a shower... its been a week of heavy rains here in mumbai.. and watching the scene from the twentieth floor in pawai is wonderful...

You rained on me like this rain... and i enjoyed wat ever i was destined to like i enjoy these rains...they hit me once a year and the feeling remains ... but we enjoy it a bit ND THEN GET LOST IN OTHER THINGS, READING, LISTENING WATCHING PPL AND THINGS PERTAINING TO PPL... HEARING PPL AND THEIR COUNTLESS EVENTFUL TORIES... UNABLE TO HEAR WaT GOD Is TRYING TO SAY IN HIS SILENT YET ROaring voices...

You have been awarded to me by God...its more of my desire met for it was hearfelt, my faith my only dream... i knew god cudnt deny me you even when u ureself denied...But i am not going to claim you unless its wat u want the most...:)

At times when i see myself attracted to men... unable to help my facinations for those faces and features and ways... almost forgetting my promise made in my heart to u... i do wonder wat if one of them wud approach me, wud i be able to say no to them, decline them... for u... or wud u be able to decline those beautilful women... who i know ur eyes cudnt possibly miss to enjoy... for someone like me...:)

but i know for one thing... i caannot enjoy you ever again unless u agree to marry me and u to enjoy me... you and i can have everything else... but this without the sacred vow made for i am Allahs and you are awarded by him...only Allah has a say in wat i can have and i cant and who can have me and who cant!

But that he allowed me you is like he gave me the world... i am the most blessed and lucky girl i know!:)

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