Saturday, July 9, 2011

5 New members in my neighbourhood!

we have got these 5 white ducks in our neighbourhood... and today i spotted them in my gali enjoying the evening... together:D it was so serene, and as i watvched them i prayed, may then have enuf, food , water, love, support, company, excitment and peace for them to love it here... and when i was on the term love i saw two of them sitting kiss each other...:D finally, a guy came to rung the bell of the house they were sitting at and they thought finally it was time to leave and the five matakti latakti walked in a row... making a noise... as if saying acha to hum chaltey hain:D felt as if we are living in a park, kids playing ducks roaming and ppl walking:D Love my neighbourhood and since we know almost every one by heart it is that we are one big Family, masha Allah!

And it is cuz of the strength of the name... Shabbira Abad!

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