Friday, February 25, 2011

Diamond for love

Felt so sad when i heard abt a man giving her GF who had been with hjer for 5 mnonths... and broke up0 cuz of his selfish nature... and he then realiseing wat she meant and wat he lost tried to win her back by a dimaond necklace.,,,, i wodner u never cud afford a call... juts to let me know u cared... and that my tears and feelinsg mattered...and i was ready to give my life to u to help u support u love u... marrying u cant be a good idea... though loving u never harmed...and i was there for u... for 2.5 years taking all of wat u give... lovinhg u fro one momet of smile u gave me... wat were my expectations... juts that u promise to hug me forever... never asked for diamonds... for u were the gem and never care for the world if it was offered in exchange of parting from u... and u cud never find the time or money to give me a cal in return to that... yet i know u are lost and need for love more then i cud ever need...and this soft corner never lets me hate you... never let you forget you or be a rock and feelingless for u, not even for a tear that u cry or a pain that u have... why? why am i doing this for u... why do i think u deserve it... juts cud u gave me wat i needed the most... a hug when ever i needed... yes... a hug and the feeling that iwwas home when u hugged me... so much more then a diamond necklace cud mean... but how cud it make me feel so good when u didnt even love me...

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