Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Songs that make me happy and i imagine

Me and Salman Khan:P


Heart is stupid, heart is mad:P

Keeps you awake all night
steals sleep from eyes
makes u see true and fake dreams
makes u cry makes u smile

heart is mad, heart is a tard:D

for my non urdu speaking friends...

and this women is my all time favorite darling, women who i have been inspired and wish i cud have followed in footsteps...

Madhuri Dixit...

and if u did like her you shud just see her in this one...

and anil... my all time fav song, i dont know it touches me so deep that i dont know if i will ever get over this song ever...

love it to bits and pieces and cry everytime...everytime ...and come out more alive then before:D

and yes if u guys can call me madhuri... i am hoping i will may be reflect a slightest percent of the beauty she has...ok i know there is no comparision.... but just so i can feel it for a moment...please!:D

Thank u!

Love you all!

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