Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stay with Me!

I messed it again... but not knowingly i swear

May be there is a kid in me... which makes it hard for me to act like grownup.

But the reason why i dont is cuz i want to do it my way the natural way, not an induced world regulated way

He wanted to call me or me to call him if i am comfortable and i told him no i am not. and the only thing possible is email.

i know... this wont work like this... but when u mishandle me, this is the aftermath...

its one thing to care for u... its other to know i am safe with you...

I have had enuf and i wont take it unless u make me comfortable, thats a million dollar question you should use your heart to answer... if only you want to.

till then i will only talk to u on email, whenever i get this uncontrollable impulse

I am so sorry abt this... its like i want to draw you out and myself without stirring a thing or may be the devil, which is on the watch out, making it a million times tougher then it is!

but we dont really have time for this or may be we have... and all i need is patience more of it.

if i really ask myself, the only thing i need is i can talk to u... we can be in touch till there is a need for me to breathe...thats all i need to have you to listen to me, hear me and answer me, and giving me the strength to bear it all!

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