Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Want to develop a school course!

I have been thinking a lot, on those lines and created a concept of Youngsters upliftment program but couldn't work on that since alone i am always prone to led astray...

I would like to start again with a hope to be focused and take small and consistent steps to ultimately create a school course that can be taught in the schools in Karachi ensuring my kids and kids of others, get the best of education, to turn them into capable, worthy strong and confident humans, that know how to create better life for them and others.

YUP - needs my commitment if it ever wud like to breathe and have a life, and for this commitment i need my friends and all to support me to keep to it. and not led astray and get distracted by anything...

My goal is not to take it as a business and make it a money making machine, my aim is to develop it into a well established entity that creates passion into me every going day and gives me a motive to work on and keep myself active and productive in a worth while cause...

your suggestions and words will be of great value to me... and for motivation, and knowing i am on right track and must keep on it i wud need all the support i can get...



  1. WOW.I am so impressed by you thoughts. This very thought-some of you to think in that way instead of making money outta education.
    Best of luck.

  2. thanku izdiher

    do follow me there as i work on it... thank u!