Thursday, November 3, 2011

jiyey Pathan!

they are drilling on my head... but its ok... they are doing something constructive and they have all the right to cause me head ache... on the contrary it feels like music, a sense of life . and wat they are doing is no jokes! its a serious effort that wud go lifelong! god bless u all and may give u a fair reward for ur honest dedicated work!:) wish i cud be like u all... contented and doing one thing all my life and still having no frown on my head!

I so wish!

i want to work work my ass off and feel great in me... have a sense of happiness that's never ending... i want to work...

please God help me... secure a job i wont feel like quiiting ever


  1. Pathan people are so cool (at least the nonviolent ones). The imam at my mosque is Pathan. I don't want to sound like a creep, but his accent is awesome. I'd have that kind of accent any day.

    Why don't you get a job in something that you're passionate about? Your passion will definitely fuel you to work harder. A lot of parents want something practical, but practical isn't always what you're comfortable with.

  2. Pathan is very strong & hardworking..


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