Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flowers of Our Garden!

Children are natures most beautiful gift to his creation. And as such preserving them and their state of innocence is a very important feature in their upbringing.

Innocence is a quality which is lost as we grow up. Spontaneity, the habit to question, to think, all are sabotaged and most importantly their identities, and the need to express their feelings and thoughts are hampered as they interact with grownups in forms , of parents, teachers elder siblings and so on.

Often as parents we don't realize the importance of the role we are supposed to play. We have to not only provide them with food, secure life, clothings and shelter but love, quality time, accessibility and willingness to answer their questions and explain ourselves and things we ask them do as best as we can.

And of course expose them to all what is good and help them cultivate abd brig out their own ceativity and personalities.

Worrying about which school they attend is not as important as trying to know how they process the information they get. Worrying about food is not as important then knowing why they are not eating and what they really want. Worrying about whether they drop food around is not as important as understanding how u can make them learn. And worrying about why they are not good at math is not as important as why they spend so much time alone without interacting with others.

You don't need a Dr. or engineer or an impressive kid. All you need is a happy cheerful child who is communicative, positive and happy to share his thoughts with you.

Listen to yourself! how you talk, what you impart to them, what you offer the,, and if it really is what they need to listen and know and learn.

Do not pamper them you will spoil them. That''s not the prove of love. Don't shut them off, don't belittle them in front of others don't ask them to put up with something unnecessarily. Thats not the way to show you love them and thats not the language they need to learn.

Listen to them, watch them closely as they grow, talk to them, teach them in the way they like to learn and most importantly be there for them on every turn in their life.

Take their sides when they are right even if the other person is a son of the president of US. Reprimand them when they are not fair, even if its the peasant's son in front of him.

Talk talk and talk. love love and love, support support and support.

Leave good examples for them to follow. Be good to your spouses in their presence so that they respect both parents and don't judge one to be good or bad, and help them be good to their siblings and people in general.

Help your child grow and be his best self. Do all that you can do to give them the environment that encourage them, accepts them and help them grow and learn. What they ultimately end up being, is i guess not in your hand.

Its easy to feel frustrated, irritated and disappointed when your kid is not as u want her to be. Instead think if it was really that necessary, to do things u never wanted, to be someone u never wanted to accept something u never wanted? If not then remember its ok if they break a few rules and don end up doing exactly what u hoped themto do.

Instead of trying to perfect them try to cherish them and every moment of parrent hood as it comes.

Dont exhaust yourself so much that your most amazing time in life juts passes you by... Have a good life:)

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