Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Something called LOVE

Love is a binding force between two entities that holds them together. It’s the base on which the world is build and is the only reason worth to be alive for.

Often we see love as what its is shown in movies between two individuals calling each other by sweet names and displaying gestures of affection whether it is a kiss a hug or making love.

Although these all are acts of love, Love is just not limited to it.

I was touched by love when I was in class 6 and one of my friend had teased me with this one handome guy in our school matching me with him and I suddenly had started to fancy him as my knight in armour to be my only hope of finding solace and love which would free me from all the people who had hurt me or could cause me trouble.

My days would pass thinking abt him and my nights venting in his absence.

Years passed and I would console my heart that may be one day he would understand my love and return it with a gesture that would set me free and I would feel the glimpse of ectasy associated with what I felt true love was.

A glimpse of ectasy!!! huh and no matter how little that moment would be it would be worthy of years of pain and tears I would go through.

That is love too, but that kind of love is not a glimpse of true love but an absense of self love that one should have for him/herself that makes her worthy of a lot more than wasting herself for love of another who doesn’t care .

Than there is love that one has for the people around him who make his her life easy by being around in our need.

Love is a feeling a blessing a beauty that makes everything touched by it a vsion of ectasy. We all crave for love and sometimes we all have it but are unaware of it

Love is to give without asking any thing in re turn but the happiness that it generates. It’s the place where a man takes refuge and rest after the end of a harsh rough day whether its embrace of a lover or lap of a mother. Its that tear that falls from the eyes when a loved one parts from us and s smile that glows when we are united with the object of our affection. It’s the pastime that keeps us awake the whole night and the prayer that keeps us safe in the time of trouble. Love is the best gift of God to the mankind and a glimpse of God in itself.

Its true if its love, and when u feel it you know it. But to udnertsand it truly you need to be true to yourself because your heart cannot lie. Juts like you know when a touch is not warm, or agesture not kind so does your heart knows when u truly love something and when you are juts faking it up!

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