Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What is a smile worth?

A penny for your thought, he said,
I shook my head and said no
He asked why I would not share.
I said because I'm feeling low.

He quickly smiled and tried to cheer
Me with a funny happy face
It made me laugh a little bit
But it didn't change my pace.

My thoughts are worth much more than that
I told him as I smiled right back
Well, how much are they worth to you
Asked my good friend Mack?

A million dollars might help, I said
He shook his head up and down.
Okay my friend I'll give you that
If it will replace your grumpy frown.

How much is a smile worth
Between friends it's worth that price
I hugged him close and whispered I'm glad
We're friends because you're so very nice.

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