Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Think before you horn!

Noone learns anything about a car prior to learning how to horn. Its easy, simple and its HEARD. Atleast when you want someone to really know you are coming and get the hell out of your way.

Only a few realise how much of a nuisance this simple device is.

Traveling to USA and UK one thing i learned about their people was their relaxing attitude while they drove.

Waiting for hours in a road jam is not the part and parcel of living in karachi but also of these developed states where road block is a usuaal phenomena.

However what is not usual is their attitude and relaxing attitude towards it. Noone in his wildest dream ever tries to horn. Its the most ignoble act one finds it. And why not be, you horn either to get someone out of your way which otehrwise you would have to say yourself, or ask someone to listen to you or give you attention, or do you a favor, like open the door, come and take the order etc, etc. so that you save your energy

In karachi from horing someone to stay out of your way to making someone to get his asses going before the signal is green, horns are now used to help a person reach home early when someone behind him thoughlessly tries to yell at him to move fast or give him way.

I have been afraid of the damn hon when my carcomes close to a ditch thinking the bloody horn will be blown by the person behind mewanting me to fly like an aeroplane. unwanted i have to rush it trhough the hole damaging my carfrom every nick and cornerstahnsk to the smooth and plane roads tahtw e have.

Though we all know for sure that no man will ever want to stay ona signal after it has turned green, or will be standing in the mid of a road out of a stupid reason, we still know he needs to get a peice of our mind. Horning if not more is nothing less than shouting, calling anmes or even thrashing the otehr person .

So i tried this one day not to horn at anyone. and so i started to drive. And also i tried to pay no9 heed to the peson who horned at me from side, behind and everywhere.

When i foiund someone was trying to come in front of me i used brakes to save myself, remembering i am in control of mycarso why not exert it by oushing the brakes, rather than be out fo control and be angry at the person by reacting to his act.

When someone tried to push me of a hole by horning , i still tokk all the time to come to a lull get mycar in 1at gear and peacefully move from the ditch and move my way.

I for the first time felttaht i was in control fo mycarand not the person behiond me or in front of me.

So next time when you think of pushing taht adorable soft ounch in your car just remeber am i really so out of control as to let the opther person take the action and lead me through. Or that i am in control of my car justa s i am of my life and instead of asking him to stop from crossing or driving slow will use my gears and brakes to push my way through steadily and peacefully.

cuz when a guy crosses the road he definietly knows youa re cominga nd there is no need to tell him just that.

Be in control of your car use brakes more often then horns. you driving epacefully will give ample of reasons for other to be peaceful too and who knows this small peaceful act may on the whole pacify our rushed and stressed lived a little bit more.

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