Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Valentines Day (written on Nov 14 2008)

I just want to be a flower; I just want to be a rose,
I want to be in a valley, where the river flows!
I seek to fly where heaven ends, make the clouds my home
I plan to live my life in travel, exploring as I roam!

I live to wash your tears away and chase away your fears
Cuz life is not a pain to suffer but a bliss to feel and share

Don’t lose that dream my friend not now when its about to come true
Dont make this world take away your faith when miracles are leaping for you

This life is yours live it as you want, don’t ask for others approval
Live like a king, make your own rules, go out and be the winner

When time is worst and u feel low don’t panic and rush to escape
Its telling you there are changes to be made, its there to get you in shape

So get in shape, be on your feet, rise and be in tact
The heaven is waiting to shower you His bliss, its time to run and catch

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