Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday June 05, 2011

Dont know if i need to remember this day or not.

I have to see you Maula, i want to meet you once, mujhey apney paas bulalo! Maula Please!

ik baar mujhey apna chehra dikhado mujhey smile kerdo maula... mujh pe nazar kerdo maula... mujhey apnbi pyar bhari nazar se ik aur baar dekh lo... mujhey saairab kerdo maula...


  1. Well, we are going to see God either way on the Day of Judgment.

  2. ^Exactly..
    Depressed much these days? :o

  3. By maula i mean, our spiritual leader down here...

    A little introduction... Our Maula, is 100 years old... and though we were still hoping and we still hope he will live much longer... then that... i know its not something of a fact... a wish which cannot come true as he cant live forever physically... but since now he has declared who is going to be next in succession to take care of us... it means we might be closer to lose him ... and may be its time now for him to depart this world:(... and this fact... makes me sad . i canno think of it, i wish it never happens..i will be so lost without him, as i have to ask every imp decision with him, when i know he is with me in my decision i feel nothing can go wrong... parting with him is going to be hard extremely hard... i cant see it... i cant take it...i dont want it...:( and i hope he still have time lots of time... and i can get to see him as many times as possible...Pray that he lives longer for me and for many like me... thank you!