Thursday, June 2, 2011

Being Human and Now Akbar Shahbaz!

Just in the morning when i made a comment on being human status.... the team member replied

" Farida.... long time how have u been, how is all going... God bless" and i cudnt help smiling for being remembered by being human team :D... and went a little ahead thinking one day Salman Khan will say this... "hey farida... Long time... how r u doing my friend, life isnt same without u:P "(haha dream on farida , dream on)

and now this

This is an email i just received from my teacher Akbar Shahbaz, a very known figure in the radio history.

I went to him for a two month course and juts after a week i had to leave for US. However due to some change in plan i never went, but not juts that i didn't go back to take my remaining classes, as something terrible had happened and my apetite for everything went away with it... i knew for once that after completing this course it will be a waste if i dont get a shot on one of the channels, and without me being in state of awesomeness which this job entitles i wont be able to do it... my life had made a turn which had left me paralyzed and so i never regained the motivation to join the course, i quit my job, i cudnt quit living but that was that i had quit everything else:( such was my sorry state...

I am feeling better much better, but i am still not completely back... rocking back...i know i will after i get u back with me...:) smiling kicking me in the ass... like always... But this note makes me feel great,and appreciate life and myself more then i usually do:)... i know i leae impressions on ppl... but such deep ones i never such busy times with so much to grab ur attention and heart... it just makes me believe in myself a little bit more...

here's the letter i received from my mentor, who i never called back in anticipation of me not yet ready for it:) (Mind u i wasnt a good student, i was way to unenthusiastic and lacking then his students still i got this email:)

Hi Farida Nizam, Salaamoalaiycum & Hello There!!

I hope you are doing good, which ever part of the world you are at.

I got one of your mails but it was all blank. I hope I didn't miss anything. We, at Radio Star Broadcasting school are also doing good. Some of my students are now on the Radio and TV.

This note was just to say Hello. Keep in touch and let us know if you are coming to Pakistan.

Best regards,
Akbar Shahbaz

PS: i never went to USA... but he thinks so... i have already paid the course fee, which entitles me to resume back the studies where i left them... he thinks i have a radio voice:)


  1. Aww your teacher and mentor are so nice!
    LOL I used to love Salman Khan too! ♥ I always thought he was better looking than Shahrukh. But on the contrary, Shahrukh acts better. :D
    I hope things get better for you. :)
    So from what I've're trying to become a radio host? That's really cool; I've always wanted to do it, especially during college, but I lack the confidence to do so. :(

  2. yup he is... i agree with sahrukh khan being way better then salman on acting front... salman... only plays.. he himself commented... and thats wat i love abt him... well actually i love everything abt him... i wudnt mind being his secretary or even maid..:P if it wud mean i cud see him every day of my life for that is how much i adore him:P

    trust me... if u live in Karachi and wanted to be a radio host... u need to visit this school... and dont give up... for the only thing that can stop u from ur dreams... every tiny one is ur lack of faith in urself and never giving anything a shot... nothing to lose there , everything to gain...and trust me... with how good u r at blogging i can see u being way better then me... RJ is not my passion but a silly idea i want to try... so i dont die thinking i didnt do that:) ik baar kerloongi to chain aajayega..:) thanx for the post...have a great day...