Friday, June 3, 2011

Nikah, The meeting of two souls:)

This is a pic of Nikah ceremony held of my cousin sister in UK London.

On Right is the father of bride and on left is the groom. Inside the piece of clothe their hands are binded, as Maula, our one and only spirtual guardian, speak the vows out...

The Groom here is making a pact to the father of the bride that he is going to take care of his daughter and they shall both be abiding by the holy laws and the rest of the vows, ensuring this holy matrimony is a success not juts for the two of them but every life that is touched by them... ensuring faith and love of God to stay in the generations to come...:)


  1. Watching that moment is always so suspenseful. :) But it's relieving when they end up saying yes, unlike a lot of dramas where they say no. Haha.
    But not everyone ends up happy, to be honest. :/

  2. hey it looks so different than in here, i mean nikahs here in Pakistan are ordinary. ppl dun even sometime change dress for it.. but this ceremony is looking totally religious, pious.. all dressed in white.. mashAALLAH!!

  3. We are of Bohra sect... white is our community dress and identity, nikhas take place like this around the globe...:)