Tuesday, June 7, 2011

O' Maula!

o maula... wat do i do without you...:) wat do we do... for we are standing tall cuz u stand with us... we are comfortable cuz u cushion us... we are protected for u r our sky and home.. we are wealthy cuz u r our wealth... we have a reason to smile for u smile back...and give us life when we think we are abt to die and break down... and when we cant hold on... u raise a voice that makes us grip u tghter ..as long as we have u we are good, we are full.. u r the heaven for wat will be a place which wont have u in it...and wat will i do with a heaven that doesnt have u...:) for it lies in ur heart at ur feet in ur way in ur eyes...:)Love you with all my heart and soul

May you live long, healthy, blissed, blessed, safe and sound:)

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