Monday, June 6, 2011

hehehe Lol!

Somewhere behind a loser there is a big possibility of a winner all those losers... who i never give a second look...i hope one day u prove my judgement wrong for its juts a bloody my limited mind makes on the very limited things u do, screening the vast possibility that exists in each one of us that we fail to remember just when we need to...:) and to all those winners it takes a moment to turn into a loser!

it was that rumbling that i feel makes me feel good abt myself...:) temporarily...

i sometimes wonder wat kind of a guy it will constitute, to pair with a person like me... i mean seriously my mind cannot conceive it... why else u think i wud be still single:P

But tonight i had a wonderful time... what i experienced was... cool karachi coastal air, long drive, happy serene family, creek in, the beautiful canopy and baithak, dashing young waiters including that tom cruise part 2... where actually he is part 2 cuz he reminded me of tom cruise... now i can proudly say tom cruise reminds me of him...:)he is juts that awesome.. but he was not just good looking, he was hospitable, respectful, well mannered, well spoken, well dressed well groomed, well ...well well...:) lol is that a crush... well no... its not... it cant be... i cant keep having crushes like this... i have an eye for beauty... i enjoyed him just as much as i enjoy may be tom cruise ... so does that mean i have crushes on them no... tats not it... i juts enjoy experiencing men, i am a woman... so well its natural ... blame God for that:) but yes...its bad when i stop on every good looking man... hoping i found him finally... and cursing msyelf for being this way... and how u used to hate me for this... and blamed me for beinga loser:P ...but wat wud u think of me... crushing on every good looking guy there is... and not even that good looking guy, sometimes juts a guy... who has anything that grabs my attention...

But i know for once i will be engaged or married... i will have a special pair of eyes juts for u... and the normal ones which i have will be for the rest of the beauties... just in case u feel insecure... and well it will be u i will be taking all the nakhras of...:)

anyways wat to say abt the night it was serene, it was pleasant, i felt pampered... it was sweet, it was something i want to experience every once in a while... and finding a place in karachi, for which i feel this kind of affinity is some thing... for i am the one... who goes into stuff for experimenting only and then i'm like theek tha... Next:)


  1. I'm glad you had fun! :) You really deserved it after all that depression.
    Crushes are a normal part of life, so don't worry. (As long as you don't go TOO far haha.)
    You sound around the marrying age since you're in college, so finding the right guy doesn't sound too far away. ;)

  2. :)! u know i haven't grown out of the teen phase... and well i am so glad abt that... but actually have gone way beyond college...but as we say life is a school and we are all learners here... in that case... i believe i shall never grow old, i am actually 32:)