Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Angel Nephew Hamza

Inna paala becha kisi ka hosekta hai:) phuppi cant wait to swweep him in her arms and kisssshhh him hard. He is my delicious baby!

I remember when he was ver small... 8 months or so... and i was there always carrying him... and he loved it outside... all day he wud keep wining and then outside he wud chatter like a sparrow in his cukkooo voice...that only he understood... and i remember i used to get this urge to bite him...:) and so i did it as mightly as i cud... but one day... something bad happened... and he cried... and i realised this time i had literally done it worse.. and that day i swear never even try no matter how much the urge:)... but i got so scared and wished there was no scar of a love bite or his mom and dad wud kill me:( mera becha... i hope he doesnt remember that:) phuppi u bit me so hard when i was a little kid...:)

i dunno how it will be when he will be all grownup and i getting old...:P when he will be a handsome young chap and i will be an old aunt...:) will we get along well and wud he still smile at me and come lovingly to me ... like he does now...but wat ever happens... i know i will be always so happy to see him and he will be my favorite nephew... or well one of the favorites... for i know i will love them all... and i wonder how many ill end up having nieces and nephews...:)

they both are growing up so fast:)


  1. hmm...yes...nephews and nieces are best friends...sent from above for us...though little they know...they share our happiness and that's what makes them special friend....