Friday, June 10, 2011

Jesus Christ Give me Water!

Today when aunty downstairs called me to get the pump on to see if water comes... i opened it and decided i will not recite durrod as i usually did but instead try Jesus christ...

so i said jesus christ please give me some water... and then i said jesus christ i know i am a muslim and u r isa... but think i am christian and i call u... so i am calling u like a christian who has faith in u calls... and there water came... gushing...

hence proved...whether u call Rasulallah, Jesus Chris, Isa As... or Imam Husain... sicne all are men of God... with the pact if u will call us with faith we shall come to ur aid... theres not a posiibility they wudnt... for allah ka aur allah ke bendon ka waada haq hai... aur beleivers ko kabhi is baat per shaq ho hi nahi sekta...:)

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