Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unresolved stuff!

Sometimes answers dont come and questions keep hammering at u hard ... making u doubt ur sanity, nagging at u, tugging at u pulling at u like a stubborn kid and u are silently taking it all in, waiting for God to guide u to it, to help u form words, thoughts, paths and actions... so u can finally sooth away and stop these questions from harassing u... sometimes u want to be left alone with everything that only soothes:) i even see these questions framed on others faces when the inner voice has taken a toll on me... oohhh can u ever escape this devil of unresolved phases in ur life...

Though when resolved u create more problems to solve so u can feel theres something left to be done...

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  1. Sounds familiar ! Btw your comment about my ex, I found that to be wrong. We broke up 3 years ago and he was abusive to me. It's not the current bf and the relationship that ended.

    So yes he was a part of me, but I never ever ever want him anymore to be a part of me. Or my life aka my blog