Thursday, June 16, 2011

Khudaya Ve...

Nothing can be captured ... thats the beauty of life...:) but songs have a way to to freeze the moment in ur mind with all its smells, sounds, sights, thoughts,and feelings...and whenever u hear that song u can relive that scene in ur mind a million times...a way to reconnect with ur most cherished heart tugging memories. Add music to every special time of ur life...

This song brings back memory of a romance, which was almost miraculous:)

Between Gushing River, snow topped mountains, lush green valleys a beautiful love story came to life...feelings were shared, fears were uttered, tears were tasted, smiles were slipped, dreams were watched, promises were made and two souls came together almost to be united, but a wave of unresolved past, and sins unforgiven washed away the castle of dreams which was only yet breathed its first few innocent breaths... and those broken dreams are still in my eyes... for they werent dreamt to be washed away by tears...they were dreamt to last forever...If i ever loved u truly even for a minute and so did u... i will ensure it doesn't go wasted.

Love stories don't have an end... only a beginning.

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