Wednesday, June 1, 2011

you drape me....and make me shine

Cant believe parting with my dresses cud be such an emotional thing:) they are mine and i love them and thinking someone else wud have them doesnt give me a good feeling, i still am not over them..(i never really get over things that easily)... i parting from them never works...they made me look good feel good look beautiful and feel respectful, they draped me, so no one cud look down on me... they honoured me by never failing me... yet i went a little over the head with them... playing football in kurta shalwar... and they had no choice but to show their displeasure by tearing from one of the sides... and now i dont think it will ever be the same... yet i feel i can do something so i dont have to give them up alltogether...

same goes with the rest, due to me gaining weight sometimes or they getting a little old and pale in color, but still retaining some of their cuteness and feel that made me fall in love with them... i still cant get a heart to give them away...

so thats me... when i love something its a big deal to let it go...though i may be careless with them... as i am careless with even myself, but never do i ever stop loving them... never...

now i am holding them in my lap... and wondering if i cud fix them so i dont have to really let go of them... they are the dresses that always get a good compliment when i wear them... and i love to see myself draped in them... for they enhance me in every possible way...:)

no wonder why i think so much for every thing that i bring into my life... for i only have to have the best....i can do without nothing but if i have to have it it has to be my hearts choice...:)

ooh so i keep them... for they soothe me...:)

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