Monday, June 6, 2011

Under construction

"God has to do a work IN you before He can do a work THROUGH you." we are always under construction and then one day in that state of construction we die... and then we keep being constructed in another world... for perfection is a state which takes eternity to happen... and eternity doesn't have an end:)

Some are less constructed then us...some assume they are wonderfully constructed until they see someone better constructed then them and then construction on self is restarted... some try closing their eyes so they can avoid the pain and efforts required to construct themselves but they met with an accident which opens their eyes and now they have to start constructing... for their own good and betterment.

So if you come across a person, you dont think is well constructed, know that you will also come across a person who is better constructed then u... and before commenting on him be sure you will not be escaping comments abt u... and if those comments dont give u a good feeling avoid having and giving others too...:)

When i hear ppl talking abt others flaws... i wonder how easy it is for them to ignore their own flaws... I have them they have them everyone has them...then why point to others...when u have ur ownself to point it and work on...We have a lot to work on ourselves... its a blessing we have ppl to love us and care for us and devoted to us even in our state of imperfection and flawed existence...

And i will try now a little more to cherish and value and care for them...and not act like i am doing a favor existing and living with them...

God silently watches us...He is truly gracious for showing us our mistakes and giving us a chance to get better... cuz if he doesnt... that Day He will not be the same old God, we so easily take for granted and justify our wrongdoings to. And then we will have no one to turn to and get plead and show our tears and fears to. That day our justifications will not make sense like they usually do

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